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Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP Expands its Network

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Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP wanted to expand its 10G network, so its personnel decided to install Cablesys’ pre-terminated fiber optic patch panel systems. Riser-rated OM3 cable was the perfect fit for the high speed networks Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP use. These assemblies come with snap-in cassettes that make installation simple. Cablesys offers a variety of pre-terminated fiber optic cassette plug and play systems for multimode and single-mode fiber bandwidths so expanding high speed systems does not have to be a chore.

Fortress Data Centers Installs Pre-Terminated Cable Assemblies

An entire new data center was built in California using Cablesys (CBS) CAT 6e pre-terminated patch panel kits and cable assemblies. Fortress Data Centers had no trouble installing CBS CAT 6e cable assemblies throughout 35,000 square feet because our pre-terminated UTP cassette patch panels simply snap on between racks without requiring a tool. Not only that, but these plug and [...]

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Ytel Relocates their Data Center

Ytel, a software communications company in California, had to relocate its data center to a larger facility. The company also had to assemble 17 new racks in the process, but Cablesys was able to help reduce the system’s downtime. Working with Cablesys’ CAT 6e pre-terminated patch panel systems allowed the installers to easily route 6 cables at a [...]

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Children's Mercy Hospital Upgrades its Data Center

Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri needed to move its data center, and they hired Data Link Corporation for the job. Data Link used dozens of Cablesys pre-terminated CAT 6e plug and play patch panel systems, which provided a simple and clean way to install hundreds of CAT 6e cables at once. Cablesys built and pre-labeled the CAT [...]

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SHI International Corporation Increases its Networking System

Routing cable has just gotten easier because Cablesys pre-terminated CAT 6e patch cable assemblies only need a single screw driver to install. SHI International Corp. in New Jersey was able to save time by buying Cablesys riser rated pre-terminated CAT 6e patch panel systems directly from the manufacturer. Each assembly has six ports and offers a bezel-to-bezel model to enable easy [...]

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Workforce Software Upgrades its Data Centers in Holland and Germany

Workforce Software installed CAT 6A pre-terminated patch panel systems in data centers in Amsterdam, Holland and Frankfurt, Germany. Each pre-terminated patch panel assembly is composed of CAT 6A high-density modular connectors and CAT 6A FTP premise cable. The foiled twisted pair, FTP, shielded cable assembly provides excellent performance for high speed 10G network applications. The CAT 6A HD connectors have a [...]

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University of New Hampshire Installs Pre-Terminated Patch Panel Systems

The University of New Hampshire had Cablesys CAT 6A pre-terminated patch panel assemblies installed into its new campus building. Our CAT 6A pre-terminated cassette plug and play patch panel system is modular, which allows data center managers to easily change, repair, or move one module at a time, even after installation. 

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Transperfect Remote Interpreting in Arizona Increases its Data Connectivity

Transperfect Remote Interpreting located in Arizona increased the connectivity in an existing network by using Cablesys CAT 6e pre-terminated patch panel systems. Our pre-terminated cable assembly with a bezel to bezel model is popular among data center managers, Information Technology managers, and staff because there is no need to be certified and it can be used immediately. This design enables [...]

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The City of Ashland in Oregon Expands its Data Center

City of Ashland used OFNR rated single mode pre-terminated fiber patch panel solutions to expand its data center. At Cablesys, we can build bundled fiber cables in any length, size, or configuration with custom labeling. All Ashland needed to do was plug and play. no fiber cutting, polishing, or terminating to mess up their data center.

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Worldcom Exchange, Inc. Upgrades its Data Center

Worldcom Exchange Inc. in New Hampshire expanded its data center in a few snaps using riser rated CAT6e pre-terminated patch panel solutions.

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