Singlemode Patch Cables

Singlemode OS1 Cabling - For Long Distance and Indoor Applications

Cablesys (CBS) offers a variety of singlemode fiber patch cables with connector types that range from LC, SC, and ST, to MPO. CBS provides riser rated OFNR Fiber Patch cords suitable for high-speed bandwidths, including OS1 9/125, which is optimal for long-distance optical fiber network applications. Boot styles are available in standard and duplex, and fiber cables come in yellow. Singlemode cables send one light signal at a time, and can be used for longer runs than multimode because they have more resistance to attenuation. The core of a single mode fiber optic cable is 9/125µ (micron). Single mode LC-LC fiber-optic patch cables can support gigabit ethernet applications for up to 10 kilometers.

Fiber Optic Patch Cords


Cablesys offers fiber optic patch cables to connect network equipment in the data center, telecom room, and at the desktop. Features Pre-terminated with LC or SC connectors. Tested to meet the TIA/EIA industry standard with a maximum insertion loss...

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