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Cablesys (CBS) offers a DIY network, a simple and clean way of installing patch panels in any data center with pre-terminated solutions. There are two types of solutions to choose from; pre-terminated fiber patch panels and pre-terminated Ethernet patch panels. The patch panel is designed to be mounted onto a rack or cabinet with a screwdriver. No special tools are required. The panel comes with cable assemblies built with snap-in bezels, also known as cassettes, on both ends. Once the patch panel is mounted, Data Center Managers or IT staff can simply snap in the cable assembly. Cablesys factory terminates, bundles and labels each cable assembly.

Cable assemblies come in a variety of termination types: bezel to bezel, bezel to outlet box, bezel to mobile box, and bezel to modular plugs. Assemblies for pre-terminated Ethernet patch panels are available online and up to 100 feet in length. They can also be custom built up to 295 feet in length. Fiber optic cable assemblies can only be built to custom lengths, and up to 550 meters subject to the bandwidth. To order custom lengths, please contact us.

Blank 4-Bezel Bracket Panel


Cablesys (CBS) 1U 19-inch wide blank bracket panel is designed to work with the pre-terminated patch panel system.  The panel has four openings to snap in pre-terminated Ethernet and fiber optic cable assemblies with bezels on the end.  The...

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